Dog Bed For Car Front Seat | Dog Car Seats For Small Dogs

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Product description

Front & Back Protection Pillows:
Designed to protect your puppy when it bounces back and forth.
One side of the pillow can be folded in half.

Easy Carrying Handles:
Equipped with a sturdy handle for easy car seat transfer.
You can hang the collar along the hooks on the car seat.

Scratch Resistant & Water Proof:
Scratch-resistant fabric from dog claws.
Waterproof fabric
If water stays on for a long time, it will soak little by little.

Detachable Covers & Pillows:
All pillows are removable.
Unfold the car seat using the zipper.
The pillow can be opened to remove the cotton.

High-quality Adjustable Leash:
There are two adjustable collars inside the dog car seat.
This heavy duty nickel plated swivel snap hooks are made of premium material .

Pockets For Easy Storage:
Pockets on both sides of the car seat.
Keep snacks, collars, toys or more in pocket.

Anti-Slip Bottom + 2 Clips:
Non-skid & waterproof bottom keep the seat in position.
2 Clips:
1. For folding a pillow in half
2. Uses to hang dog leash

2 Types of Floor Cushion Covers:
Soft Fur + Stripe
Soft Fur + One Color

Fold One Pillow in Half:
Fold one pillow in half so dogs can lean on their necks.

Unfold One Pillow:
At home, unfold one pillow and use it like a DOG BED.

Also Used Outdoors:
Use it as a DOG BED outdoors
The collar can be attached to many of the hooks on the dog car seat.

Have you ever used dangerous car seats that are open in front of you?

Have you felt like your dog was in danger of falling from a sudden stop while driving?

Now we propose A New Dog Car Seat with front and rear protection.

Transform your dog car seat to suit your situation!
The dog car seat of QUEENS NOSE has 4 SIDES with ZIPPERS, which can be changed in various shapes.


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