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Bullet Points:
1、【Excellent Material】The cover of the Camp Heater For Tent is coated with a beautiful exterior paint, and the special coating can withstand temperatures of 1200 ° C.
2、【Metal Anti-Skid Handle】Ice Fishing Heater is equipped with a metal non-slip handle. The handle design fits the palm height, not only easy to grasp, comfortable to hold.
3、【Electronic Ignition】Fishing Heater is equipped with an electronic ignition device. The electronic ignition is very smooth to use, making ignition safer and more convenient.
4、【Easy And Convenient】Tent Stove Heater can be perfectly fitted. On the side of the heating stove is the position where the pipe is installed, gently insert the pipe.
5、【Small And Light】Camping Stove Heater is small and lightweight, and can be taken outdoors as a tool for ice fishing or used indoors. Whether it is used for heating or for cooking food, it is a very good choice.



1. Small and lightweight, can be used indoors or outdoors
2. The beautiful exterior paint is specially coated, which can withstand temperature up to 1200℃.
3. The design of the metal non-slip handle fits the palm height, which is comfortable and beautiful.
4. Electronic ignition device, very smooth to use, can be used more than 3500 times.
5. The appearance design can prevent wind and gather energy and save liquefied sources.

Product without liquefied sources tank



Weight: about 2.2 KG
Size: 33.5*28cm /13.18*11.02in


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